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I Moved!!!

by Emma on June 29, 2012

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I am now officially a co-author over at A Beautiful Mess. I’ve been working with my sister on our main website since January and it’s nice to able to make everything official. We both have personal blogs now too, so I’ve moved over the Everyday Emma. If you enjoyed Food Coma then come on over and visit me at my new blog home. Thanks so much!!!!



by Emma on June 25, 2012

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Dear Food Coma readers,

Thank you for reading my blog. It really is so nice. You guys totally make my day, and I don’t think I say thank you enough.

Favor: bear with me this week. I’m about to get a new url, a face lift (my blog, not me. duh. geez.) and an overall new little corner of the internet to call my own. I’ll still be making terrible jokes. I’ll still be cooking lots of delicious and often unnecessary food. I’ll still be sharing lots of pictures. BUT. This week I will be migrating my archives from one place to another. Weird little internet chore. And the best way to do this is to stop blogging this week, so I’ve been told. So bear with me (teddy). I’ll be back soon with some changes I think you’re really gonna love.

And in the mean time I got a number of delicious little recipes up my sleeve I will be sharing over at A Beautiful Mess this week.

xoxo. Emma


Five Things… June 11th

by Emma on June 11, 2012

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Getting back into the swing of things after  a few days in beautiful San Francisco for work. I gotz clothes in the washer. Finally got my car fixed this morning. Eating a leftover veggie burger with a fried egg (of course)—love cook out left overs. And here’s 5 things I’ve been thinking about this morning as I clean/catch up on emails/live the glamorous life:

1. I’m starting my summer class tonight. I always get nervous on the first day of anything, probably because I’m an anxious person. I think, “What if there’s no parking. Or I can’t find my class room. Or I buy the wrong text-book and then can’t follow along properly.” None of these worries are grounded on anything really, I’m just weird.

2. Currently enjoying: Liz’s blog, gonna have to try some of her projects soon. Too cute.

3. Planning to buy: cans and cans of chalkboard paint. Dreamed up (what I think) is the coolest idea over the weekend. Beyond chalkboard paint here’s three hints; it involves church, hollow balls, and neon. Dream big.

4. Wanting to cook: classic dinner rolls. I’ve been off my game in the bread baking department. Lame. Get it together lady and bake some dang bread already.

5. Goal for the week: There is a certain chest in my life that is in desperate need of a makeover. I’m hoping to remedy that situation sometime this week.

Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday! xo. Emma


Coconut Curry Shrimp

by Emma on June 8, 2012

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I’ve been trying to dream up new (to me) summer entertaining ideas. Ever since we built a fire pit in my backyard I have the itch to have folks over for cook outs. So easy appetizers, cocktails and dessert options are on my mind….

Also, I recently made a little trip to Sam’s Club and ended up with a HUGE bag of frozen shrimp cocktail from the last cook out. Sam’s Club (or Costco, whatever) are funny places. I don’t have a big family, or even a pantry, so buying in bulk doesn’t always make a lot of sense for my lifestyle right now. BUT. I like how everything comes in bulk. I like the bulk option. Maybe it’s my lack of maturity but having a “2 oranges” on your grocery list and then realizing your only option is a bag of 20 is just a funny moment.

And the carts are giant. Which gives it a surreal feeling.

But, I’m easily entertained. Obviously.

For these I simply defrosted, detailed and deveined the shrimp. Breaded with eggs then a breadcrumb/curry/coconut mix and fried. Next time I think I may double bread them with a flour mix first. I like my breading, what can I say.

I cut these skewers to fit in my dutch oven and fried the shrimp right on the sticks. This made it much easier to do quickly and then serving them is easy peasy too. I like sticks. (Again, easily entertained over here!).

Do you have any easy outdoor type entertaining ideas for me? I’d love to try some of them out. xo. Emma