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Saturday Style: Shorts at work

by Emma on February 25, 2012

in Outfits

Elsie and I work in the shop every Friday and Saturday. We are there in and out all through the week, but on Friday and Saturdays it’s all us. So, those are our days at the office… if we can count that as our office.

So I thought that every now and again I would pop in to show you what I wore to the office. I always like seeing posts of what folks wear to their jobs, it’s a neat little peek into someone’s world.

Today I have on shorts, and tights. Which you might consider a wardrobe oxymoron (and you’d probably be right, I guess) but the weather has been super fickle in my neck of the woods lately. It’s hot, it’s cold, it is what it is. :) And I’m not complaining-I’m just pretending that it means Spring is on its way.

Outfit details: polka dot top is vintage, grey t-shirt c/o StyleMint, shorts are very old jeans I cut up, tights are (probably) from Target, shoes made with this DIY, jacket was thrifted, and necklace + rings were a birthday gift from Kinsey.

Wishing you a happy weekend! xo. Emma


At the office.

by Emma on January 13, 2012

in Outfits

Today I’m at the shop, helping customers, serving cupcakes, emailing… living the life. You know, Friday style.

Guess what I’m wearing today…

My faux leather leggings. Can we just talk about leather leggings for a second? I feel like this is a trend that I maybe should have started embracing in college, as opposed to my mid-twenties.

But in college I was too busy wearing my pajamas to class and generally looking a little homeless. And no, I did not live on campus. I have no real excuse for that.

And some gals have really cute pajamas/workout pants/sweat pants with be-jeweled words on the bottom… but I just had ratty old pajamas and over-sized clothes that should not have fit so large. I was just that girl who didn’t really get it.

Not that I do now, I mean… I am wearing faux leather leggings today… so… uh…

Wearing: dress was thrifted, bow tie pin c/o A Little Slice of Pye, leggings from ASOS, boots from F21.

Can you spot my sister in the above picture? Optical illusion. Well, not really. Maybe more like Where’s Waldo. Huh.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!! xo. Emma


Trash day and pajama pants

by Emma on December 15, 2011

in Outfits

Yesterday, I slept in longer than I was planning. I woke up to the sound of the garbage truck driving away, and realized immediately that I had forgotten to put my dumpster by the curb.

This is not a pleasant realization to wake up to.

I, gracefully (I’m sure) jump out of bed, threw on some boots and my coat and raced outside hoping that I might catch them.

I did not catch them, they were gone. But for some reason I decided to push my dumpster to the curb anyway. Maybe it wasn’t the garbage man, maybe I hadn’t missed them.

This is the part where I got pretty lucky. They had circled around the block and stopped at a stop sign a few houses up from mine. They saw me pushing my dumpster out and they, very kindly, took pity on me and came back.

I thanked him as he jumped out of his truck to load the dumpster. He just laughed.

Maybe he laughed because I had on huge glasses and my hair was sticking up. Maybe it was because I very obviously still had on my pajama pants tucked into my boots.

My pajama pants are purple with tea pots on them.

Yeah, I’m 25.

Anyway, it was a very nice thing to do. They could have just pretended they didn’t see me and I would have been left with an overflowing trash bin for the week.

But they didn’t. They came back. Nice.

I’m wearing: skirt from Red Velvet, blouse from Wal-mart (don’t judge!), boots are really old but I believe they were originally from UO, purse from Macy’s.

Random acts of kindness, do them. Notice them. Be thankful.

And know that one day you will be exposed in your silliest pajama pants. It happens.

Have a  great day! xo. Emma


Getting’ my holiday spirit on….

by Emma on December 9, 2011

in Outfits

Le holiday shopping, and shipping is in full swing and I’m loving it. I’m nearly done shopping. Check that box. And lately I’ve been spending a lot of time waiting in line at the post office.

Which I’m not complaining about, our post office workers are just lovely. A real treat.

If I had a dollar for every post office trip I’ve made so far this month… well… ok, I’d probably still only have like $7. But that’s enough for, like, 3 fish tacos. So that’s pretty sweet.

What? You don’t count your money in increments of how many fish tacos you can afford. Oh yeah… uh… me neither.

I don’t know what I’m talking about sometimes.

It’s a thing with me.

Are you done present shopping yet? I find that most people seem to either be mostly done, or else haven’t started.

Funny, huh?

And by the by, I’m not making judgements about either group of shoppers. Just generalizing everyone into two groups. But that’s an ok thing to do, right….

I’m wearing: hat is my sister’s, coat c/o Francesca’s Collections, dress was handmade by Elsie and Mallory for their DIY Dress Up e-course, leggings from Asos, necklace from  Unexpected Expectancy and boots were my grandmother’s.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, whether your shopping or relaxing. :) I’m going to try to do both. Maybe.

xo. Emma