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Hello there, and welcome to Food Coma. I consider this my secondary online home, my first love being A Beautiful Mess. If you are new to the blog here’s what you can expect: recipes (I cook a lot, dude), a few craft projects as I work on my 2012 craft challenge, and random (and hopefully sometimes funny) stories from my life. I have been known to chase down the trash man, as well as dish about break-ups.

I’m 26, 5’4″ and 100 and (mumble mumble mumble) pounds. I love brussels sprouts, chocolate, red wine, blonde pugs, southwestern style rugs, leather… anything, fantasy novels, handwritten letters and (currently) economics text books (not that I understand them). I would list things I don’t like, but frankly, that seems like a waste of time. I’m a glass-half-full kind of gal, or at least I try to be. I’m proud to be a (small) part of the food blogging community and hope you enjoy the recipes and stories you find here.

Have a question or want to say Hi? You can email me: foodcomablog AT gmail DOT com. Please know that I do read every single email that comes my way, but I do not always have the time or opportunity to respond. I try, I do my best, that’s all anyone can do, right?


(I’m constantly adding to this section, so if you have a question that is not answered here please comment or email me and if I get asked enough I will probably add the answer here sometime.)

You shared pictures of a yummy looking dish but not the recipe, what gives?

It may be that I used someone else’s recipe for the food in question. And if I didn’t adapt the recipe at all, then there will be a link in the post to the exact recipe I used. I also often link recipes that I only slightly adapted. I try to give credit to others as often as possible, as I like receiving credit for my original recipes too.

Also, it may be that the post you are looking at was a cooking flop or failure. That happens. I’m still learning, and I hope that I always will be. So if I make or bake something that I don’t feel was a good enough recipe to share with others (it may still need some more culinary tweaking or it might just be a total disaster) then I won’t share it. As I would hate for you to make something and have the same ill effects I did. That’s no fun.

So I hear you’re a vegetarian or something… do you really never eat meat?

Nah. I will occasionally eat meat, usually fish. So really I’m a pescatarian but I often just say vegetarian to avoid confusion. But since we’re all friends here… :) I probably eat a vegetarian diet 90% of the time, otherwise known as the cheater’s version of vegetarianism. But I like the idea that I’m helping the environment by moving myself down the food chain, not to mention that I do not like supporting factory farming or other unsustainable industries. If I’m eating out with friends and there is a half-way decent vegetarian option on the menu I will probably get that. Otherwise I may order some meat and I won’t beat myself up about it the next day.

Oh, and I have absolutely no issues with eating eggs or diary. I prefer organic and locally raised, but I’m not a saint about that either.

Can I substitute _______ for ______ in your recipe?

Answer: I don’t know. If there is something that I know can be easily substituted I will usually note this. Otherwise, I simply haven’t tried the particular substitution that you wish to try so I really couldn’t say if it will work well or not. If you think it will, try it. I am a big believer that cooking and baking should be a fun adventure full of triumphs and mishaps.

What kind of camera do you use?

I use a Canon EOS 40D, and I have a fixed lens that was a hand-me-down from my sister. I also (try to) use Photoshop. I have no real photography training, but I am always trying to improve and learn from online resources and careful observation of others who I think are awesome at taking pictures.

You have a food blog and you’re not (too) chubby, what gives?

I’m not a nutritionist, dietician or food expert of any kind really. So I don’t feel comfortable talking about diet issues in general, as I feel you could probably find some MUCH better information from a more educated source than myself. I also don’t love talking about my weight, what gal does! :) But I will say that if you see a recipe for a dozen cookies on my blog then you should know two things: yes, I baked a dozen cookies and no, I did not eat a dozen cookies. I probably ate two and then pawned them off on my family. I believe in moderation. I also believe that beauty comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes-be proud of who you are!

I left you a mean/rude/strongly opinionated comment and you deleted it, don’t you believe in free speech you communist?

Ouch-my feelings! I’m a human just like you. I have feelings, insecurities and family members who read my blog. If you leave a comment that hurts my feelings I may delete it.

Also, I try to keep this blog a positive and fun place to be on the internet. There is plenty of negativity and hurtfulness out in the world, I prefer my own personal blog not be one of those places. There are also sometimes young (like high-school or younger aged) folks reading, or brand new novice cooks, and I want this to be a place of encouragement for everyone.

So please feel free to always express your honest opinion, I love honesty, but please remember to be kind. Kindness is awesome. I’m still learning that myself.