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Thin Mint Cookies

by Emma on March 7, 2011

in Dessert

It's that time of year… girl scout cookie time. I see those cute little girls peddling their sweets everywhere.

They are outside my grocery store. They are smiling and selling at a little kiosk at the mall.

I try to avoid direct eye contact with them for two reasons:

1. The goods they are selling are delicious and addictive. I love thin mints, the shortbread, the samoas… they are so so good.

2. Cute little polite girls selling cookies are REALLY REALLY hard to say no to. They are just too cute.

That being said, of course there have been girl scout cookies at the house lately. But I saw this recipe to make homemade thin mint cookies and I decided to give it a try, just for fun.

I will warn you that the dough is pretty dry and you should definitely freeze it in a cylinder shape wrapped in plastic wrap for an hour or so before attempting to slice it to bake it.

I will also warn you that just because a batter happens to be egg less, this does not necessarily mean you should eat your weight in it.

It is still cookie dough batter. So have some self-respect. Geez.

I finally took the plunge and bought a Silpat and and I am happy to report that the rumors are true: It is awesome. I am excited to use it while attempting macaroons sometime in the future…

Also, you will be needing dark chocolate to coat these little cookies with. I highly recommend using some very dark high quality chocolate, like Askinosie or other brand you like.

Makes it more gourmet.

And gourmet cookies is totally what we are going for here. :)

xo. Emma


Micalah March 7, 2011 at 11:20 am

Yay! I tried these a couple and they were not so good….not complete failures but I definitely plan on doing some things differently next time. For instance, just because you have mint flavoring on hand and don’t want to go to the store…you probably should still go to the store and get mint EXTRACT. Mint flavoring didn’t exactly work. And next time I will definitely be using yummy dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

Jessi March 7, 2011 at 1:02 pm

I think during this week’s grocery trip I am going to buy the ingredients to some of the great recipes you have been posting!

Bridget March 11, 2011 at 2:36 pm

a. Love my silpat.
b. Does Askinosie melt well? It seems so dry sometimes. I love their hazelnut spread, though. That stuff is magic.